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What is a Timeless Colour for a Bathroom?

February 27, 2023

What is a Timeless Colour for a Bathroom?

What is a Timeless Colour for a Bathroom?

Timeless colour schemes are an easy way to keep your bathroom looking chic. They can easily be updated with new accessories or paint for a modern touch.

When selecting colours for your bathroom, aim for shades that promote cleanliness, hygienic and comfort. Your selection should also blend in harmoniously with other fixtures and fittings in the room.


White has long been a classic bathroom color and it never goes out of style. To get the most out of this timeless shade, select one that works well with other decor and accessories in your room.

If you want to modernize your room, painting over existing colors with bold accent colors is a cost-effective and simple way to bring them up front in your design.

No matter the age of your bathroom, updating it or starting from scratch, white is a must-have color in modern bathroom design. According to Bathroom City’s experienced professionals in this field, white can easily coordinate with any other hue and create endless combinations.

For a bright and airy white hue, Sherwin Williams recommends Extra White SW 7006. This bright shade works especially well in guest bathrooms or half bathrooms that lack natural lighting.

Another popular white for a bathroom is Dove Wing OC-18 by Benjamin Moore. This neutral shade blends well with most bathroom themes and offers enough depth to contrast baseboards and ceilings, making it an attractive choice among designers.

Many homeowners appreciate marble in their bathrooms as a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Plus, it’s an incredibly durable material that won’t scratch easily or fade over time.

Floor and wall coverage with this classic tile create a clean, timeless aesthetic in any bathroom. Pair it with wood-toned vanities, brass fixtures and brushed nickel hardware for an ageless aesthetic.

If you’re looking to add some visual interest and texture to your bathroom, Fireclay hexagon tile is the perfect choice. Available in various patterns and shapes, it will give your space a stylish, eclectic vibe.

Another timeless color is grey, which comes in many shades. These warmer tones have a balancing effect on both eyes and mind when combined with other soft pastels such as sand or nude for an uplifting atmosphere.


Green is an ideal color for bathrooms, offering a soothing, restorative atmosphere. It also works well in small spaces as it helps to make the room appear larger. Team it with warm whites for an overall light and airy vibe; or opt for darker shades of green as wall or backsplash paint.

It’s essential to consider that this color may be too harsh for some bathrooms, so opt for a lighter hue of green or use it in an accent wall instead of the entire space. Furthermore, use a neutral palette on all walls and other surfaces so the green doesn’t compete with other fixtures or furnishings in the room.

Brown is another timeless color for a bathroom, giving off an earthy and sophisticated vibe. It’s great as an accent color since it works well with many finishes and furniture pieces.

Dark blues are a popular choice for bathrooms, offering an air of serenity that works well in small spaces. However, be mindful when using dark blues in small bathrooms; too much darkness may create an enveloping feeling and be off-putting to some people.

You could also paint the bathroom a lighter shade of blue. Robin’s egg blue, for instance, will add an airy feel and look great when combined with brass fixtures.

A lighter blue, such as aquamarine, is also an ideal choice for a bathroom. It’s more subtle than dark blue and works best in spaces that receive natural lighting.

In addition to being a soothing color, aquamarine makes an attractive backdrop for metallic fixtures and houseplants. However, you should steer clear of bright aquamarine or entirely pure blue as they may be too overwhelming.

Finally, animal prints are another trend that continues to gain ground. They provide an eye-catching way to add visual interest in a bathroom without needing to invest in costly accessories or furniture pieces.

Charcoal Brown

Redecorating your bathroom or refinishing old fixtures? Paint can give it a fresh new look in no time. However, selecting the ideal color can be daunting.

White is always a classic option, but there are other timeless shades that can help you transform your space. For instance, dark blue hues create the illusion of larger bathrooms – especially in smaller bathrooms.

Lighter shades refract more light, creating a brighter appearance. Greys and off-whites also contribute to this effect with their clean, sanitary aesthetic that makes them perfect for any bathroom fixture combination.

Cool-toned neutrals like beige are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. This hue pairs perfectly with natural stone tile or granite countertops and rich wood finishes for a warm, earthy aesthetic.

Sherwin-Williams Icy 6534 can be used with almost any design style, but it pairs especially well with warm metallic accents for a modern and sophisticated appearance.

This neutral hue pairs beautifully with natural wood tones and metallic accents, making it a great choice for an elegant bathroom design.

At Weespaces Interiors’ bathroom, designers used an earthy brown to offset the pattern wallpaper and copper accents. Vinithra also added a pop of palm tree green on the ceiling for visual interest and depth.

These color palettes can breathe life into a dull room and turn it into something cozy and soothing. If you’re feeling inspired to experiment with some new shades, these bathroom ideas may provide some ideas to get started.

For a more dramatic aesthetic, charcoal gray is an excellent choice. It emotes a moody yet sophisticated vibe when paired with metallic gold accents.

For bathrooms with smaller floor plans, this is an ideal option as it helps to balance the room’s size. Furthermore, it conceals dirt and stains and provides a beautiful backdrop for patterned tiles.

When remodeling your bathroom, opt for a timeless colour that you will enjoy for years to come. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Dark Blue

Blue is the ideal colour for bathrooms due to its relaxing effects and water-like associations. From light shades of airy blue to navy that exudes sophistication, blue can help transform any room into a luxurious spa retreat.

Borrowed Light by Farrow and Ball is a soothing pale blue that works well in both smaller bathrooms and larger powder rooms. Soft blue-green shades are also popular, helping to create an atmosphere of serenity in any space.

For a more vibrant aesthetic, Behr offers Explorer Blue. This strong blue adds character and dimension to your bathroom without being too dark like hunter green and won’t detract from the overall aesthetic.

Another excellent option is Benjamin Moore’s Little Boy, a softer blue that adds subtle depth without being overpowering. This color works best in bathrooms that get plenty of natural light and won’t clash too much against white furniture or decor.

Pale aquamarine can transform your bathroom into a tranquil haven with its beachy elements and serene colors. However, be sure to opt for lighter shades if you plan to use aquamarine in the bathroom as bright pure aquamarine can be overwhelming.

This bathroom’s light blue wall complements the gray penny floor tiles for a nautical aesthetic, while brass accents create a traditional aesthetic. The curved mirror and bubble pendant light add an updated touch as well.

Light blue is the quickest and simplest way to transform your bathroom, but it’s not the only option. For a timeless hue that will stand the test of time, try opting for bold navy.

A deep shade of navy can add an air of sophistication and visual interest to your bathroom, but it requires plenty of light for it to look its best. Luckily, adding white fixtures and new tiling will bring out the dark blue walls for a sophisticated aesthetic.

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