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How to Create the Illusion of Height in Your Bathroom

February 27, 2023

How to Create the Illusion of Height in Your Bathroom

How to Create the Illusion of Height in Your Bathroom

Create the illusion of height in your bathroom by using materials that reflect light. Paint walls and ceiling a light color for added dimension.

By using similar shades and patterns, you can give the illusion of a larger space without it being overly obvious.


One of the best ways to make a small bathroom appear larger is by adding mirrors. Whether you have a master bath, guest bathroom or powder room, hanging mirrors strategically can create the illusion of height in your space.

Mirror styles range from basic framed mirrors to elaborate mirrored cabinets and vanity units. Which type of mirror you select depends on your personal aesthetic and budget; there’s something perfect for everyone!

Mirrors in small bathrooms can give the illusion of more space, but their size should be proportionate to the room’s overall dimensions. Placing a mirror opposite a window will reflect incoming light, increasing natural illumination in the space and creating an airy feeling.

Mirrors add personality to your bathroom by making it feel more personalized. There is a wide range of designs available, such as black and white plastic, woodgrain patterns or aluminium finishes.

Another popular way to make a small bathroom appear larger is by using illuminated mirrors. These mirrors utilize high-quality magnification glass panels for better reflection, plus come with anti-fog technology so that you won’t have to worry about fogging when using the mirror. Furthermore, illuminated mirrors come with multiple built-in functions like timers and lights – making them an excellent addition for any bathroom and an investment that will last you for years!

Wall Shelving

Wall shelving can create the illusion of height in your bathroom. A simple yet effective idea, wall shelving can instantly transform a small space into an elegant oasis.

No matter if you need a sleek single shelf to store toiletries or decorative accents, or something more substantial like multi-tiered options, we have the perfect shelves to meet your requirements. Choose from wood or glass styles with finishes that complement the rest of your bathroom decor.

Recessed wall shelves can add a stylish display and storage area to an awkward alcove or wall space beside the sink. Not only do they create a contrasting design feature, but they also help divide up the space by offering an eye-catching spot for candles, diffusers, or artwork.

For a modern, minimalist bathroom setting, clear glass shelves with light streaming through them are an ideal choice. Pairing them with minimal accessories and painting them a bright contrasting color adds extra drama.

If you’re installing bathroom shelving on a tile wall, it is essential that it is done securely. To do this, measure and level the shelves where they will hang then use plastic anchors to stabilize screws for mounting.

Water-Proof Wallpaper

Water-proof wallpaper can create the illusion of height in small spaces by reflecting light back into the room. This effect makes your bathroom appear much larger and airier.

Selecting the ideal colour to complement your wallpaper is another essential consideration. Warm neutrals work well with leafy floral patterns to give the space a less clinical vibe, while lighter whites help soften edges in large bathrooms.

The bathroom is often subjected to high levels of humidity, so selecting waterproof wallpaper that won’t be damaged by water is essential. Many moisture-resistant self-adhesive wallpapers are available and easy to install – perfect for this humid room!

Tiles are popular for bathrooms, but they can accumulate dirt and grime over time, leading to mould and mildew growth. Waterproof wallpaper is a better alternative since it won’t trap bacteria or mould.

Wall & Deco’s WET SYSTEM wallpaper is ideal for bathrooms as it can be installed directly in the shower, steam room or behind the bath, on either the floor or ceiling. Plus, it’s fully waterproof so there are no grout lines to clean – saving time on tedious cleanup jobs! Plus, its resistance to abrasives means easy wiping down after each use.

Tall Storage

If your bathroom is small, adding tall storage can make it appear larger by taking advantage of available floor space. Not only will this save you toilet paper, bath towels or shower gels when they’re needed most, but it makes finding them much simpler as well.

Storage cabinets with large capacities are ideal for holding bulky items that might otherwise be left stacked on the floor. Furthermore, they can be lockable to protect your possessions from uninvited access and theft.

You can make use of vertical space in your bathroom by installing shelves above your toilet or extending a counter top. This will enable you to store some items and free up floor space for other essentials like a scale or vanity mirror.

Finally, painting half the lower wall in a dark hue will create an illusion of height that can help make small bathrooms appear larger. This clever trick works because light from above and below will reflect off the dark walls, giving off the impression of higher ceilings.

The Haotian Tall Bathroom Cabinet with Rattan Door is an innovative storage solution that makes the most of unused vertical space in your bathroom. It boasts two tall cabinets featuring shelves and storage compartments, plus cleverly angled doors to conceal small items while providing plenty of room for toiletries.

Wall-Mounted Mixer Taps

Bathrooms may be small, but you can create the illusion of height with wall-mounted mixer taps. Not only do these keep your bathroom’s lines unbroken, but they’re also highly space efficient.

Mixer taps combine hot and cold water in one spout, allowing users to adjust the temperature with either one or two controls. This makes them great for families as everyone can customize the levels of hot and cold water according to their individual requirements.

Mixer taps come in a range of styles and finishes, such as traditional designs with quirky edges or cleaner curves. They’re available in metallics like stainless steel, nickel and brass too.

Traditional mixer taps used full turn knobs to control the flow of water. However, modern wall mixers now boast quarter turn knobs which are more durable and user friendly.

They can be combined with other accessories for added visual interest, like wall-mounted concealed taps. This is especially beneficial if you have young children and don’t want their faces visible in the mirror.

Paint Half of the Lower Wall

If your bathroom is small and you want to create the illusion of height, painting half of the lower wall with two-tone paint can be an effective solution. This decorating technique, commonly referred to as ‘half painted walls’ or ‘two-tone paints’, has been popular for some time and provides a way to inject colour without having to commit to an extensive painting job.

For a classic half-painted effect, use two colors on one wall – one lighter and one darker – then apply them to the same area on your lower wall. Toning colors (using lighter and darker shades of the same hue) offer an even effect while complementing other design elements in your room such as mirrors or flooring.

Once you’ve selected your colors, determine where you want the dividing line to appear. You may mark this with a tape measure if desired or draw your lines with pencil if preferred.

Make the line perfectly straight using a high-quality set of painters tape. Additionally, you can invest in a laser level which makes the entire process much simpler.

It is essential to remove painters tape while the paint is still wet; this will prevent it from setting in place and making pulling off the tape much simpler.

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